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What UX Design is can be hard to explain, as it covers many different roles. At it's core it's simply anticipating and meeting the needs of whoever is using a product, be it a website, mobile app, or even a physical object. This is done by carefully planning content, page layouts and overall structure around their goals to aid them in their journey.

I like to describe what I do as removing frustrations or confusion associated with your app or website, in order to give people a streamlined experience. A better user experience is a better customer experience.

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UX Design – What's involved?

UX design employs a range of different techniques for discovering, implementing and testing. The techniques I use vary from project to project, but the most common are listed below:


of mobile users reported difficulty interacting with a web page


of customers won't recommend a business with a poor website


of customers never return to a website with a bad user experience


Paul is extremely flexible and easy to work with. He's consistently produced work of the highest quality and showed an excellent understanding of our business needs.

Paul Dundon Systems Architect, Omnisis Ltd

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